CheyAut Ranch Friesians
As for now, CheyAut Ranch is home to only one Friesian. In the future
there will be more, but for now we are happy with the one we have. We
don't have any plans to own any Friesian stallions, but we will breed our
mares to approved Friesian stallions in the future.
Rosanne van de Slingenburg
Radiance was born 3/21/05 in Holland. We imported her in September of
2005. She is my dream horse, and Craig made my dream come true for my
birthday present. Radiance got a premie at her foal keuring. She is a very
correct friesian by the approved stallion Tsjipke 399.
From Legacy Friesians (whom we got her through): "The approved stud
Tsjipke 399 was born in 1998, bred from the STAR mare Johanna B. (v.
Tamme) and the stud Remmelt 323 (v. Oege pref.). Tsjipke 399 is now
competing in level M2 dressage. He has a very long mane and forelock,
since he is a descendant of Oege pref.! His grand-dam, Olga B, had 18
offspring and 7 of them turned out to be STAR mares, quite an impressive
I hope you enjoy the following photos of Radiance growing up!
Sadly, the Arizona summer sun wreaks havoc on black coats. Many people
will keep their horses stalled to avoid sun bleaching, but we prefer to let
the horses play at will (they do have shade!). We hate their coats bleaching
out, but it's a small price to pay for happy horses!
Radiance is not yet started under saddle, but as you can see below, she has
worn it! She was a little tense about it, but not bad :) In 2009 Radi will go
to our trainer to start her riding career. She will be trained for dressage.
She will later go back to the trainer (Renee Millar of Saddlehorn
Appaloosas) to learn to drive, and will start her combined driving career :)
This page last updated:
November 5, 2008 was a horrible, sad, tragic day. When Craig
went out to feed the horses in the morning, he discovered
Radiance had died. Vet found she had colicked, her small intestine
was twisted. She said it was caused by some defect Radi was born
with, and Radi was a walking time bomb.

I will never forget my beautiful girl.

She was incredibly sweet, gorgeous, just all around wonderful. I
had big dreams of riding and driving her that were not meant to
be. Things will never be the same without her greeting me
everyday. They say time heals all wounds, but this wound is going
to take more time that I can imagine.

I believe in Heaven, and I believe that animals are there as well.
So I know that my mother now has the most beautiful Friesian
there ever was. I know they will take good care of each other.

Radiance, I will love you always.
Baby, why'd you leave me, why'd you have
to go
I was counting on forever, now I'll never
I cant even breathe
It's like I'm, looking from a distance,
standing in the background
Everybody's saying, she's not coming home
This can't be happening to me
This is just a dream

Just a Dream
Carrie Underwood
3/21/05 - 11/5/08
As for now, there are no Friesians at CheyAut Ranch. There will be in the
future, but we are waiting until we move to Kentucky. It is hard to hold off
buying another of these magnificent animals, but we know that is the best
way to accomplish our dream of a ranch in Kentucky.