Rainbow Bridge
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

Kodak Moment
1998 - 12/31/07
Elway was Craig's baby, his best friend. He was shar pei/pit bull. He was named for John Elway, who was a quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Craig's a big Bronco's fan, even more so for Elway. Elway was Craigs perfect dog, and he is very much missed.
Keesha CGC
1991 - 2005
Keesha was a cocker spaniel mix. She was a very sweet girl who loved life and everyone in it.
5/20/95-8/21/07 Kodak was a Malamute/Husky. He had all his outstanding novice NADAC agility titles except weavers, and had his CGC (Canine Good Citizen). He was also trained to pull (rollarblades, wagon, and custom dog sulky). He was an incredibly wonderful dog, and we miss him very much.
199? - 2004
Secret, named after the famous race horse, was my first kitty. She had been abandoned in the neighborhood, and I was more than happy to take her in. She loved to be pet, and loved cheese and steak.
2001 - 2002
My first miniature, I will never forget my Pelli. I have never known a horse so loving as she. I only had her a few months before she tragically lost her life to a mountain lion, but she made a big impression in my life and will never be forgotten. I love you girl!
CheyAut's More Than A Feeling
We were so excited for the arrival of our first miniature horse foal. Ruby was bred to Tracker for an April '07 baby, and we knew it would be spectacular. I really wanted a filly, but had a feeling it would be a colt. Craig said it takes more than a feeling, so that is how Boston got his name.
Sadly, we never got to meet Boston. Ruby got an infection, which caused him to die before he was even born. He was a gorgeous light chestnut pinto colt, with perfect markings.
Boston, you are always in my heart. I only wish we got to meet. But I know you are up there, watching over us and playing with Pelli.
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean's time on Earth was sadly way to short. She was a beautiful 2nd Gen Mini Ober doe, and the friendliest of our goats. She always was right up there at the fence to greet everyone. She loved attention. Her life was tragically cut very short, but we will never forget this sweet, beautiful girl.
This page last updated:
I wish I could say this is all the wonderful, special animals who've been in our life but left to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Sadly, there are more. I try to keep this page up to date, but it is very hard and emotional for me to do so, so there are some I have not been able to get up here. I also was unable to update my website for years, so I haven't really updated this, except to add Cheyenne, so some are missing. Also, our beautiful Radiance isn't on this page, as she has her own page, the Friesian page.

It is always so very difficult when we lose a loved one, wether it be animal or human. But even if the time we have with them is short, it is always a special, wonderful time. We never regret the time we have with someone, no matter how brief it may be.
M & M
M&M is a pygmy wether. Pygmies are roughly the same size as Nigerian Dwarves, but they are cobbier. They are a meat goat vs a dairy goat. M&M was a show wether in 4H competitions and got some first place ribbons before he came to CheyAut Ranch as a baby!
Reeces was our second goat, we got him as a companion for Twix. He was born in 2005. His breeder has shown him, and he did quite well, earning Grand Champion Wether twice! Like Twix, he loves attention and will come running at the mention of a cookie :)
Grem Lynne was born in 1996. She is very skittish, and hides from all strangers. In fact, most people would never know we have her! I've had her since she was 6 weeks old, so I know she was never abused. I'm not sure why she is so scared of people; however, she LOVES Craig and I, and comes out for us to pet her at night when everything is quiet and settled.
Grem Lynne
CheyAuts Silent Harmony
Harmony came to us very skinny, tiny, hooves in horrible condition, a hernia and rain rot. But her sweet nature shined so bright. She loved people and was so good. We got her hooves in great shape, rain rot cleared up, she put on weight and grew a few inches in the three short months we had with her. Hernia surgery was going to follow shortly. But sadly, some nuerological problem came on drastically and this beautiful girl had to be helped over the Rainbow Bridge. Even though it was only a few months we got to spend with her, this girl meant so much to me, and was one of the hardest losses I have had to go through. I will never forget you, Harmony.
CheyAuts Quite The Diva/ESM Quite The Diva
Diva was such a super sweet and beautiful girl. We had high hopes for showing, driving, and breeding this Double Destiny granddaughter. Sadly, she showed some nuerological symptoms while heavily in foal. We gave her round the clock care and meds, and she was improving until she aborted a beautiful pinto filly via a bad dystocia. Our vet was able to get the filly out, but Diva went downhill from there until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Diva had a lot of people from all over the world pulling for her, but sadly it was not meant to be. We love you beauty, run free with your beautiful filly.
In 2006 we had a drill team performance at an animal fair. There were several rescue groups there trying to find homes for kitties and doggies. I saw how beautiful Kadian was, and so I had to pet him... only to find out how incredibly sweet he is! There are some kitties who are just very special to me, and Kadian was one such kitty. We had to put him down in 2011 due to tumors in his nose and mouth, and I miss him very much. I loved how he would lay on me in bed and reach out his paw to touch my face or to touch Craig. He was so very sweet. I will always remember this beauty. 2005-2011
CheyAuts Dexter
Dexter was born 5/15/11. His dam is our Welsh Cobx mare, Summer (see above), and his sire is a POA named Tough Rocket. Dex is exactly what I ordered! I bred for him to be my personal spotted riding beauty, so he is NOT for sale!!! Dexter will be gelded when the flies go away late fall/early winter.

5/15/11 - 6/19/11
Dexter was the horse I dreamt of for so many years. He was perfect. I looked forward to many years with this boy, he was not going to be sold. But things just weren't meant to be. We lost this perfect colt to a very bad colic. The vet said no amount of money would save him, the only thing we could do was end his suffering. My heart isn't just broken, it's shattered.
Abrias DB Painted Design
Design is a 33" 2007 AMHA/AMHR silver bay pinto. This beauty is out of my favorite Ruby daughter (other than Solitaire of course!) and her sire is Little Kings Double Your Bucks, a son of the famous Boones Little Buckeroo! We are thrilled to add this beauty to our herd! Watch for us in the show ring! She has been bred to Spin for 2012!

In 2011 we were devastated to suddenly loose this incredibly sweet and beautiful girl who we had such high hopes for :(
Poppy is a Nigerian Dwarf doe. She has had a lot of baby goaties in her life, so Poppy came here to enjoy the life of retirement :) Of course I need to stick with our candy theme names, but didn't want this sweet old girl to be confused, so I was thrilled to learn that there is a Swedish candy named Poppy! :)
In 2007 I saw photos of Skittles on a goat forum, and I knew I just HAD to have him! Ashley of Sweet Gum Minis in SC is his breeder, and I am so very greatful she was willing to go the extra steps to ship him all the way to Az for us! At first he was very skittish, but he has quickly realized scritches on his neck feel great! He doesn't let you NOT pet him now :)
I mentioned I found Hollow. Well, that was back when I lived in a neighborhood. I bought my house in the coyote-filled desert in 2004. Not a safe place for a kitty. So I was very shocked in 2006 when I came home and found a stray in my yard! I meowed back and forth with him until he felt safe enough to come to me, and found out he was a total love. I brought him in and asked Craig if we could keep him if we found no owner. He said that that kitty looked like charcoal, so that's how he got his name. He's really weird: he acts stoned all the time! Charcoal is so sweet and loving though, you can't help but smile at him :)
CheyAuts Desert Eclipse
Venus was born 4/18/12 at about 6am. Her mother is Amber. Venus was a beautiful silver brown filly, just like her gorgeous mother. Sadly at only a month old, she was fine one minute, the next thing I knew she was having a seizure and died in my arms :( She is very missed.
Oreo is an adorable Nigerian Dwarf doe. She was born 7/09. She looks like a spotted blanket appy horse, so of course I couldn't resist going to see her! When I met her and saw what a friendly personality she has, I knew she was coming home with me :)
Rodabi-J Tattoo's Last Tango
Tango is an AMHR ~37" 1994 appaloosa mare. She is a silver bay (homozygous for black!), lab tested EE Aa Zn and no cream. We are excited to add this colorful girl with a great trot! She's had some beautiful babies, including our 2010 colt CheyAuts John Locke! Possibility of her also becoming a driving horse, maybe do some combined driving.
I saw Lexiva at the adoption center in Petsmart in 2004, but he wasn't with the other kitties. I soon learned he was sick with an URI, so was going back to the pound, where he would most likely be PTS due to the high volume of healthy cats they had. I called them and got permission to adopt him, got him healthy, and have a very fun (though rather round!) kitty to love on :) AVAILABLE!
Lyric was also adopted from the AzHS via Petsmart. I got her as a kitten in 2004. I had always wanted a black longhaired kitty, but was being picky on purrsonality (as I want friendly, people-oriented kitties). I wasn't really looking for another kitty, but she fit what I wanted to a T, so I couldn't resist! Lyric is definately the Princess here!
Princess Lyric
Samba is an AMHR 34" 2007 black varnish roan appaloosa. She is roaning out more and more :) She is trained to drive, and hopefully will do ADTs in the future. She has been bred to GT for 2013!
Cheyenne Autumn
Chey is a 16hh, 1990 chestnut sabino Thoroughbred gelding. He is my horsey soul mate! Who knew my first horse would turn out to be my best? We have enjoyed dressage, jumping, sorting, barrel racing, trails, ect. We enjoy just having fun together. He is lead horse of the "herd" and enjoying semi-retirement. NOT FOR SALE.
CheyAuts Cowboy Diamond Solitaire
Solitaire is a 30" 2008 AMHA/AMHR/PtHA chestnut pinto, daughter of Ruby. She is ee Zn Aa and negative for LWO. She comes right up to people and follows you around :) She was in her first show, weanling and yearling halter, and got 3rd place! She was also shown as a yearling and took home many more ribbons! And then in 2011 she did well again! She is a very good mother. She may be trained to drive in the future.
CheyAuts Jubilatious Talent
Talent is a 2013 AMHA/AMHR smokey black tobiano filly by Multi Champion stallion Fallen Ash Farms Talent Scout and out of our Jubilee. She is E_ aa and tested Crn and TOto, which means she is a minimal tobiano. She started off skittish, but now she doesn't leave me alone and loves attention :)