2011 Foals
Calista (Arab cross) was bred to JPJ Minstril Palo, a champion Halter, Liberty, and Endurance horse. He is a SE Arabian by The Minstril!
CA Sterling Edition
Sterling was born 1/30/11 at 12:05am. His mother is Calista. He is registered with the AHA as a Half Arabian. This palomino beauty is a biiiig boy and very stunning! He is very curious. Sterling now belongs to Laura of Renaissance Springs Ranch!
Murphy was bred to CN Glory B Two Spots (from PTM Miniatures)
CheyAuts Mythical Microburst
Microburst was born 3/21/11 at 5:40am. His mother is our champagne near leopard mare, Murphy. Microburst got his name because he was born during a storm (of course!) and a microburst is an Az storm, like a small tornado. He is SUPER friendly, just LOVES attention! He has an attitude much larger than his short size haha! SOLD!!!
Chianti's 2011 foals have arrived!
CheyAuts Royal Color Treat
Waffle was born 4/7/11 at 7:50pm. His mother is our varnish appy mare, Sage. I was on my way to agility with Dash when she started foaling, so while I turned around to go home, Craig told me everything that was happening. As he described what he looked like, Craig said he had an ice cream cone on his head. My best friend Laura said to name him Waffle, as in waffle cone ;) His blanket is lacey, but I think he may be a snowcap: Homozygous for the appy gene Lp! Sold!
CheyAuts Royal Bulletproof
Kevlar was born 5/4/11 at 7:30pm. His mother is our silver dunskin mare, Cocoa. Kevlar is a beautiful colt, silver black with a spotted blanket. He is a very correct, friendly and curious boy. Kevlar is now owned by Renee of Saddlehorn Appaloosas. Watch for him in the show ring!
Meet Our 2011 Foals!
Melody was bred to CR Lakota Renegade (formaly from Heather Glen Farm)
CheyAuts Symphony of Sound
Haydn was born 4/13/11 at about 1:00am. His mother is our varnish appy mare, Melody. Melody surprised us with this boy, we thought she had another week or two to go, guess not! This boy is a black fewspot appaloosa colt. That means he is homozygous for Lp, the appaloosa gene, so all foals he may sire will be appies! I had great plans to drive him and have him be a possible breeding stallion, but we sadly lost him to colic in 2013 :(
Summer (Haflinger/Welsh Cob) was bred to Tough Rocket, a fewspot POA. Rocket and his foals are winners in POAC shows!
CheyAuts Dexter
Dexter was born 5/15/11 at about 9:30am. His mother is our Welsh Cob/Haflinger mare, Summer. I bred her to Rocket because I wanted a stocky 13-14h flashy appy for me personally. Summer and Rocket sure didn't dissapoint with this gorgeous leopard! Dexter is just PERFECT! I can't get enough of watching him :) We tragically lost our perfect boy to bad colic :( My heart isn't just broken, it is shattered. He was just PERFECT.