2010 Foals
We have all of our 2010 foals on the ground!
Our first foal is by our stallion Chianti
CheyAuts Royal Touch of Class
Royal was born 3/27/10 at 9:44pm! His mother is Jewel. He is AMHR and can be FBR. He is roaning out and getting appy spots! This is one FANTASTIC colt! He's definately a show and stallion prospect! He's a sweet little boy who loves to run and play. This fabulous boy is sold!
Our second foal is from Amber, who was bred to before she got here
Camelot was born 3/31/10 at 5:20am! Her mother is Amber. Amber came to us bred. She is a SUPER sweet filly who will literally crawl in your lap to be pet! Everyone who has met this girl has fallen in love. We planned to keep this special girl so we knew she'd always have a good home and never be bred, but instead we found a perfect situation for her at a new home, where we get to visit anytime
Our third foal is by our stallion Spin
CheyAuts Write Out Loud
Sharpie was born 5/19/10 at 11:30am! His mother is Ruby and his sire is Spin. He is AMHA/AMHR/FBR. I told Ruby I wanted a silver black spotted appy with a blue eye (like daddy) filly. Guess I can't have it ALL, but 3 out of 4 ain't bad! This colt is GORGEOUS! He is being shown and evaluated for stallion potential as he matures :) SOLD!
CheyAuts John Locke
Locke was born 5/29/10 at 9:30am! His mother is Tango, and she came to us pregnant. His sire is Dancers Silver Rebel. This cutie is such a neat deep brown and SO dark underneath, I'm very curious how he'll shed out! Shaved, he has a distinct line of dark brown/black and brown, like the saddle on a German Shepherd Dog! He also has a ridge on his back like a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog! He had white sclera so may develope appy roaning. He is AMHR. Sold!
Our fourth foal is by an outside stallion